Julie van der Vaart fotografeert introspectief. Maar zij doet dit pas nadat zij zich een inhoudelijk concept eigen heeft gemaakt. Zij poogt haar portretten en landschappen te ontdoen van de noties tijd en plaats. Het getoonde speelt zich nérgens af, evenmin is het op een tijdslijn te plaatsen. Het gefotografeerde ontstijgt zichzelf omdat het gehuld is in stilte. Zij toont een teruggetrokken en meditatieve wereld die de potentie in zich draagt van het intieme en universele. – Luc Rabaey, 44 Gallery

The work of young photographer Julie van der Vaart shows surprising maturity. It appears to find its origin in the resoluteness of producing images that somehow embody the subjective struggle for inner peace. Julie’s body of work radiates what one could call an aura of peacefulness, in which the notion of peace, as inherited from both eastern and western philosophy, is dynamic rather than static. The inner movement of gaining inner peace is the dynamic quest that moves Julie’s images. Especially in times in which we are overwhelmed by ubiquitous loudness and frenzy, inner peace is a most rare quality and state of heart and mind to achieve. One could almost assert that is a forgotten quality. – Virginia Tassinari, Professor Media en Design Academie, KHLiM

After a death in her family, Van der Vaart began to express the notions of loss and fleeting moments of life. After feeling that most things will eventually come to pass, Vaart turned to photography to explore concepts such as permanence and grief. Her work has tensions weaving in and out of her photographs, the sense of loss and despair become familiar scene. Photographs pairing the human body with jagged rock faces, developing a conversation of unity and harmony between the two. The frailties of life are ever present, delicate feathers of a bird in the hands of man. Julie Van der Vaart has presented a touching and honest project about the quiet moments felt by us all as we question purpose in times of mourning, using photography as a form of meditation over the human condition. –  Harry Rose – Darwin Magazine  – About the series Le Sentiment De L’Éphémère